Use of Interdisciplinary Expert Know-How

Do you require an expert to support you in a specific project situation of your building project as a neutral third party? Someone with many years of industry experience who is able to consult you in strategic as well as in professional and technical questions? In case of specific questions, we support you with both our project management competence and selected experts from our architecture and factory planning division as an individual performance.


  • Valuation of feasibility studies/project offers from building system providers without preliminary planning.
  • We analyse the offers on a technical level and match them with your requirement planning.
  • Assistance with the questions whether any performance gaps or overlaps regarding your building project do exist, whether there are any hidden project risks or conflicts of objectives and which experts/reviewers are possibly needed.
  • We analyse your current planning framework, the project objectives and planning contracts regarding coherence, overlaps and performance gaps and derive recommendations for action.