S + P Integrated


Plant On Demand Factories with Added Value

As factory planner, we have realized a versatile plant that combines design with flexibility for Hager Electro. The factory and its processes and structures can respond flexibly to the constant changes in customer and market demand. The facade reflects the alternating principle "on-off" known from electricty and thus directly refers to the products from Hager For more information click here

Completion date: January 2006,
area: 7500 m² covered storage,
investment: € 5.6 million buildings,
equipment and automation € 11 million

Plant On Demand Factories with Added Value


  1. General planning from the basic evaluation to the ramp-up, HOAI phases 1-7, Site management and supervision of the General Contractor for Architecture and Technical Building Equipment HOAI Phase 8
  2.  Structural engineering and fire protection HOAI phase 1-2
  3. Project controlling throughout the project
  4. Process optimization and learning cell
  5. Factory Planning