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Lean has made its way at MAQUET

Together with MAQUET, a producer of medical technology, S + P developed the new ”MAQUET Cardiopulmonary Production System“. This system is rolled out in several stages in the company’s plants. It started with the formation of learning cells in the plant in Hechingen (Germany) to familiarise the employees at an early stage of planning with lean methods and their application. In this way the employees actively participate in the development and change process. At the same time the effects of learning cells on shopfloor level could flow directly as knowledge gained into the system development. In the second step there is a push for qualifications to introduce the employees with operational functions on-site to their role as multiplier for the performance system. In that process the existing learning cells are further developed and additional ones implemented. The link between these measures guarantees a high practical relevance of activities, a sustainable change of working methods in the factory –at the same time associated with quick effects on both employees and company. The result is a link between latest production principles and highest demands on quality and hygiene of products.